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Serving the Christian and General Markets

The publishing industry is ever-changing as companies seek to satisfy readers’ appetites. My goal as an agent is to connect authors to those publishers seeking inspirational or clean reads, whether that be in the Christian or general market.

What do I mean by clean reads? Books that anyone can read without blushing, without cringing, and without having to skip over the parts you wouldn’t want your kids to see. My clients write without graphic sexuality or profanity, yet their stories resonate with readers anxious for the conflict, tension, and characters who live in the pages of their books.

I believe the only reason an author won’t realize their dream is that they quit before reaching the goal. It’s not easy to get published. It’s a lot of work and sometimes a lot of rejection. But I stand with my clients, pushing (and sometimes dragging) them to be better.

So what are you waiting for? Check out my submission guidelines and let’s get this journey started!

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